Our Partners

Together with our Partners we deliver exceptional value through our focus on single purpose defined mapping and visualisations.

Our spatial engine is seamlessly configured to our partner’s specific requirements and can be branded as part of their own product suite. This high level of integration and defined focus has provided our partners with an opportunity to retain current customers and approach new ones to increase market share.

“The Solution That Delivers”
MC Global Solutions provides integrated, scalable and streamlined solutions for your complete asset and maintenance management.

In 2007, too many solutions were failing to deliver due to poor design and dysfunctional off-the-shelf software. MC Global was established to meet exact user needs with purpose-designed, solution-specific integrated systems which perform beyond expectation. Coupled with a dedication to customer service and support excellence, we have earned an outstanding reputation, making us the clear choice for your Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions.

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Professional, Proven and Accountable, Lighthouse Guides their clients through organisational change with dedicated advisory services, expert enterprise software and a holistic, honest and flexible approach.

We are committed to leading the market in the provision of regulatory and compliance management solutions, and to assist our clients in negotiating the myriad of legislation and compliance that arise as part of business.

Lighthouse provides both government and private sector business proven solutions in advisory services, IT Solutions, Navigate software and Mobile Solutions. We are committed to our clients and adhere to an honest and open approach, delivering only the most suitable options and solutions to suit each individual client.

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Corporate property marketing and advisory services

John Wimberley & Associates is a private relationship based corporate property advisory and marketing firm. Our office introduces a skilled group of senior property professionals experienced in delivering high quality strategic advice and services

Our clients are our most valued asset.

John Wimberley & Associate’s success in the corporate property sector since 2005 is the result of a simple vision and ethic; to provide client services with qualified advice, strategic marketing initiatives and attention to detail.

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ICON Software is now part of Technology One

ePlanning Solutions for Local and State Government

Following the acquisition of ICON Software in early 2015, TechnologyOne continues to deliver innovative and relevant solutions to meet the needs of local government when interacting with their communities efficiently through online and digital channels.

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Founded in 1998, Ocean Informatics is a unique company, comprising an experienced engineering team with strong clinical expertise. Collectively the Ocean team has over 100 man-years of health informatics experience. They share a passion to improve the provision of healthcare to all, through the development of shared health records at local, national and international levels and based on best practice and emerging interoperability standards.

The Ocean Informatics team has a long record of successful work in health IT standards internationally that includes ISO, HL7, and CEN, and it has been instrumental in establishing the openEHR industry standards.

Our vision is of a new way in healthcare where clinicians are not just aided by technology, but actually drive it; where patients interact with their EHR as easily as their appointments calendar; where health information systems create fully integrated, highly computable health data, organised around the patient care process; and where intelligent processing can finally become a reality.

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“Proven, Effective and User Friendly”
Maintenance Connection is a computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) that connects maintenance professionals to their operations with a unique style that continues to revolutionize the way maintenance is performed.

Reduce operational risk and costly downtime, decreases inventory and maintenance costs by improving labour productivity and automated workflow. Gain greater access and increased flexibility by streamlining your entire maintenance operation with our cloud based CMMS and mobile operations management tools.

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Partner with Us

Do you have a web application that you believe would benefit from added spatial functionality?
Are you concerned about retaining market share and being left behind by your competitors?

Visualising data is one of the best ways of not only increasing the functionality of your products but also of presenting your application to potential customers.

So if you think this is a good fit to your web application and we can create some value together pop over to the contacts page and get in touch. It would be great to hear your thoughts and there is no obligation.