How do your customers view your maps, have you asked them ? Do they tell you they are a pleasure to use and that they get exactly what they need with everything there that they need and nothing they don’t. This is how Liverpool City Council customers are viewing the new mapping experience delivered by MacroGIS. And this is how it should be.

Liv 1

So why is this experience unusual?

Traditionally mapping has been expensive to produce so vendors have tended to pack as much into the one portal as can be done, however this has changed with the time and expense to deliver mapping is reduced to a more transactional level. At the same time it has been easy to simply transfer the GIS desktop to the web, developers are usually GIS professionals so they understand the interface and it makes it look like the user has value as there is so much functionality.


But is this what the user wants or needs?

Our experience is no. We need to get back to the basics of delivering information as simply as possible and by doing this you will increase customer engagement and satisfaction and reduce costs through avoiding customers using alternative channels for that information. Reduce call centre volumes, reduce walk in enquiries and increase information flow. Create happy customers.