Health Care is one of the most data rich environments on the planet. So much data related to Patients and episodes of care and costs, pharmacy and allied health and everything that goes into the complex cases that are traversing our health systems every day. So why is it that the majority of the data is in tabular format and while location related, that location is rarely utilised to query the data.Ocean 5

So where does infection control fit into this data and why is it so important to relate the data to a location and then visualise the data. With hospital based infections costing the health system roughly $20,000 per patient infected and serious implications for the patient it has become paramount to reduce and control infections as a priority, as well as understand the triggers for infections and adapting processes to ensure they are reduced.

So visualising the environment that the infection took place in is not only sensible it is impossible to ignore. Having the ability to query and visualise the location of infections and further enhance this by type of infection, source and time has created unprecedented insight into the management of this costly event in a patients episode of care.

Ocean 5

Filter by date and time and Organism and Source

Location and visualisation decreases costs and increases patient safety and leads to better planning and processes.