Visualisation of facilities has generally been the domain of CAD software with GIS and mapping delegated to visualising the wider environment containing those facilities. However a hybrid of the two capabilities can provide some interesting insights into both workflow and work planning.CAD2

The question is does workflow begin or end at the facilities door, and the obvious answer is no. Whatever it is that is being repaired or moved or inspected or reassigned may be within or external to a facility and interrelated. So accessing one or the other is counterproductive and reduces efficiency in workforce planning and implementation. Accessing all the information under the one platform just makes sense.

Direct returns include the more efficient planning of workflow both from a maintenance and move management perspective. As well as being able to visually understand the whole environment and understand the challenges in different situations.

This functionality also crosses over from Facilities management to Asset Management and Lifecycle management further increasing the value driven from the one product.