PropelliPad2One of Australia’s largest property and asset valuation companies has recognised the need for change in the way asset valuation data is recorded, to increase efficiency and reduce risk to the business and customers.

It is vital for organisations of all sizes to understand their assets lifecycle from a financial and maintenance viewpoint in order to deliver value and uptime to their customers. This process can be difficult due to the geographical dispersion of the assets and integrating the asset information including location into a searchable and visualised database. By not doing this not only is the organisation at risk but also the Valuation Company in their duty of care in delivering services to the organisation.

By combining mapping and visualisation of assets and linking data to those assets we can create an efficient tool for tracking asset valuation and lifecycle and at the same time the efficient input of data by valuers. Valuers workflow can be planned more efficiently , identification of assets simpler and clearer and the input of data streamlined. This also creates a searchable history of the assets to provide up to the minute value to the organisation.

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