So you are a Property Investor, a Developer or maybe heading up a Property Investment Trust and you need to find the next property aquisition and Fast! So how do your go about it now? Is it slow looking land parcel by land parcel to try and narrow down the search. What if you could set your criteria to an area and hit the search buttonProperty1

For far too long the search has been the wrong way around. Investors have trolled through various properties to try and find something that might fit their criteria. Searching is slow and cumbersome to find all the information such as Zonings and land use as well as parcel size and proximity to services like transport corridors and amenities. All found through a variety of sources and sometimes relying on local knowledge.

But most people and organisations involved in property know what they need as they specialise in a particular type of investment for a particular reason that suits their individual needs. So what if you could set your search criteria and let the system do it for you. Narrowwing down your search to the properties that match your requirements is not just smart it saves time and effort and money. Decreases your aquisition time and gives you a good perspective on the overall market.

Property 3

Simply select your search criteria and hit execute. Let the application find your land parcels with partial matches highlighted in blue and full matches in Orange.

Want to add more intelligence? Then add demographic analysis to your query to understand the population in the area you are buying into for both resale and rental return as well as population growth statistics.