MacroGIS is excited to launch our new service Viewdata

Viewdata allows you to create map views simply and easily and analyse and compare your own data. To learn more about Viewdata click here.

Get Maps In your Apps with MacroGIS

Great looking maps make a huge difference for all sorts of web applications, from town planning, facilities management and maintaining the poles and wires of our power networks through to travel booking, social network apps and travelogues.

A great user experience supported by powerful but simple-to-use and attractive maps translates into more sales.

Getting the mapping right is, unfortunately, not as easy as it should be. The major GIS vendors offer power, but not ease of use. And they are expensive. Open source options offer power and complete control provided your developers are happy to dive into the code, and provided you can replace their know-how if they move on.

So what do we offer?

We help you to get a great mapping experience into your web application quickly and cost-effectively. And we have the power under the hood to embed complex spatial processing.

We strive to deliver powerful mapping solutions to casual users. We achieve this through focusing on “single-purpose” map interfaces – maps stripped down to the minimum to achieve a particular goal. You can see what we mean Here

Our mapping interfaces are built with the latest web technologies and work just as well on mobile devices as on desktops. They are fully embeddable within your web application to provide a seamless user experience. We work with your developers to build a sustainable solution quickly and cost effectively.

So if you want great maps into your apps drop us a note in the contact form or give us a call. We’re a friendly bunch and there’s absolutely no obligation.

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Click here to see a demo of the MacroGIS map server in Action

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