Find the Right Property Fast

So you are a Property Investor, a Developer or maybe heading up a Property Investment Trust and you need to find the next property aquisition and Fast! So how do your go about it now? Is it slow looking land parcel by land parcel to try […]

Asset Valuation App Increases Efficiency and Reduces Risk

One of Australia’s largest property and asset valuation companies has recognised the need for change in the way asset valuation data is recorded, to increase efficiency and reduce risk to the business and customers.

It is vital for organisations of all sizes to understand their assets lifecycle […]

Liverpool City Council raises Customer Engagement through MacroGIS maps

How do your customers view your maps, have you asked them ? Do they tell you they are a pleasure to use and that they get exactly what they need with everything there that they need and nothing they don’t. This is how Liverpool City Council […]

Why Focused Single Purpose Maps engage Users

Fusion of CAD and GIS creates business Opportunity

Visualisation of facilities has generally been the domain of CAD software with GIS and mapping delegated to visualising the wider environment containing those facilities. However a hybrid of the two capabilities can provide some interesting insights into both workflow and work planning.

The question is does workflow […]

Integrating Maps and Visualisations advances insights into Infection Control

Health Care is one of the most data rich environments on the planet. So much data related to Patients and episodes of care and costs, pharmacy and allied health and everything that goes into the complex cases that are traversing our health systems every day. So […]

Lockyer Valley Regional Council find new uses for their Online Planning Maps

What started as an integrated ePlanning solution deeply embedded with their ePlanning vendor has become an integral part of the communication between council and ratepayers, particularly at a time when the new planning scheme is under review.

Part of the project involved the creation of a stand-alone […]